Cooking With A Rocket Stove

A rocket stove provides an efficient heat source that can be used for cooking and for radiant heating. A rocket stove is a very simple design that uses a wood fire in a combustion chamber and a vertical chimney that serves to direct the fire’s heat upward.

A small rocket stove is generally used for cooking, using small scraps of wood at no cost.  The larger rocket stoves are mass heaters that operate in a similar fashion as a wood stove does. There are some commercial rocket stoves on the market and most of them are small cooking stoves. Many rocket stoves and rocket mass heater stoves are hand made and there are design plans and videos online to be researched if rocket stoves appeal to you.

Our small StoveTec rocket stove gives us the ability to cook outdoors using fallen branches from our woods. When we want to cook with our rocket stove, we fire the rocket stove up and within a minute, we have a fire to cook on. We cook on our rocket stove with cast iron and we are preparing a meal from dead tree limbs we collect from the woods. On days when we’re outside and can’t be bothered with watching a pot of food on the stove top, we fire up the rocket stove and cook a meal outside while we’re nearby. It’s a convenient method to cook with and it uses a natural resource to provide the energy to cook with.  A few walks into the woods with some ties and we have bundled enough dead wood to cook with. Free energy. And a good meal.

8 thoughts on “Cooking With A Rocket Stove

  1. Hey Lynn,just found your blog-so far I’m loving it! I am also in VA and would love to get together with you over a cup of coffee and bounce some homesteading ideas around with you, seeing you are experienced! I have just recently started prepping a bit, and could use some advice. Things I can’t discuss with friends/family, as they don’t really understand/get the concept. Drop me an email please. Thanks!

  2. I really like your new header, although I enjoyed seeing the woods around your place…they looked very cozy. :)

    I have considered getting a rocket stove, but then thought I could just do the same thing with a tin can or something. Do they work better than a tin coffee can would you say?

  3. There are Youtube videos on the rocket stove as a cooker. There’s also videos on DIY rocket stoves. The next one will be home-made bacause they’re really not difficult to make. I want to make a small one for our greenhouse and we would make it with bricks and stovepipe.

    Here’s a good video on building a rocket stove:

  4. I have seen these growing up and did not realize they had a name to them. Can you make them for your garages too? We like to do a lot of work out in our garage in the winter as well. We make decorative water falls for your gardens, homes ect to sell in our store. So this winter we will be doing some building of these. We also like to do wood work and other works as well. And this would be perfect to have in their just to keep the place warm. We do have an old wood burning stove in there now and we do use that but sometimes we do not want to fire it up if we are only going to be out there for only an hour or 2.

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