Cranberry Jalapeno Jam

While I was putting up the last of summer’s bounty, I was inspired by a cranberry jalapeno jelly recipe I happened upon.  I had some extra Jalapeno peppers and was looking for a new way to use them. When I found that recipe I thought the blend was intriguing and I had some Jalapeno peppers to spare…..

I don’t use Cranberry cocktail juice, but I did have some frozen Cranberries.  And I didn’t want to strain cranberries and Jalapenos to make jelly, I wanted jam, so I figured it was time for a jam session in the kitchen to figure out how I could create a jam with that blended flavor….Here’s what I concocted:

Cranberry Jalapeno Jam

  • 3 Jalapeno peppers, whole
  • 2 cups whole cranberries
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 5 cups sugar
  • 1 bottle liquid Pectin (3 oz)

Rinse whole cranberries and drain to remove excess water.

Trim Jalapeno pepper caps and tops, then slice lengthwise and remove all seeds and inner membranes. Discard tops, seeds, and membranes. Chop pepper halves.

Grind whole cranberries to a pulp with the food processor or grinder. Add 1/8 cup water to moisten the pulp slightly. Add chopped peppers and pulse or grind.  (I used the coarse chopping blade of a food processor.)

Spoon the cranberry and Jalapeno pulp into a stainless pot. Add vinegar and blend.  Slowly cook mixture for 10 minutes to blend flavors, then add sugar all at once, stir until dissolved. Cook the jam mixture, stirring constantly, until sugar is completely dissolved and boils. Once the jam mixture bubbles and the top foams, rising significantly, add liquid pectin. Boil hard for 1 minute, no longer.

Remove pot from heat. Ladle jam into sterilized half-pint jars, to within 1/2-inch of top. Add sterilized caps and screw rings on. Process in water-bath canner for 10 minutes. Yield: 6 half-pints.

Since I have only made this home-made version once, I should point out that the yield may be more than 6 half-pints. I didn’t sterilize 6 jars, only 5.  After filling the 5 half-pints with the hot jam, I had enough leftover jam to almost fill a pint.  I had some clean jam jars handy but they weren’t sterilized so I ladled the remaining jam into a clean pint jar and made our tester-jar of this dark red  jam. Once filled and lidded, that jar was cooled a bit and then went  into the refrigerator.

The Cranberry Jalapeno Jam firmed up very well and we’ve already been eating it. Sometimes unexpectedly. Be sure to label your jam since it looks just like that open jar of Strawberry Jam in the fridge.

For us, this trial run made for a good combo, worth making again. With the strong Cranberry flavor, I may use 4 Jalapeno peppers in next year’s batch.

16 thoughts on “Cranberry Jalapeno Jam

  1. This would be good with turkey! I like to make cranberry relish with red onions and jalapeno peppers for a twist. Sounds like a good jam recipe.

    • Robin, I’m happy to hear that you made the original recipe and liked it. Do you plan to use your jelly during Thanksgiving meals?

  2. Spicy cranberry spread…this is intriguing because we really do need to do something fun with our cranberries and I still have a few jalepenos. I’ll let you know if I attend this flavor extravaganza.

    • Mike, I hope you folks decide to try this one or the other one made from the cocktail juice. I’ll publish another cranberry “food” real soon. It’s a relish I’ve made for years and once I make it, I keep eating it til it’s gone. My mother is the same way. Relish is supposed to be a condiment, but we can’t get enough of it!

  3. I’ve just made this recipe for the second time. I’m so glad I found your blog! I made the first batch last week on the 20th and I’m blogging this batch too, and will link you. I put on nitrile gloves and seeded and veined the dickens out of the peppers, rinsed then went over them again with the veining tool and the result was a jam with the flavor of the jalapeno but none of the heat. Thanks so much. Friends and family all raved about this, which is why I made another (double) batch today, and will make a hot batch next, probably tonight. Good stuff. Thanks again!

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  5. This sounds like a cooked cranberry salsa I tried at the grocery store. Tasted the tart of the cranberry, the sweet of the sugar and then a bit of the pepper. They served it on those dipper chips. Think your recipe would work for something like that, or over cream cheese with crackers?

  6. This is the second time we have made this. We added more jalapeno peppers and fresh garlic which really gave it a zing – we love it on Turkey sandwiches or Triscuits with Cream Cheese! Yum!!

  7. I tried this recipe today. My family loved it! Thank you for sharing it. I will be making this to add to my Christmas baskets.
    Thank you

  8. I just finished canning the Cranberry Jalapeno Jam…looking good! I got 5 half pints, plus a couple of tbs to put on goat cheese and crackers as a reward for a job well done! Mmmm!

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